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Piping and Drumming Instruction

Our band offers a free instruction program for those wishing to learn to play the Great Highland Bagpipes as well as bass, tenor and side drum. Instruction space, however, is limited to the number of instructors and time slots available. If there is no space for students, or if our instruction time is not convenient, there are a number of private instructors in the area.

The purpose of our instruction program is to teach those interested in being a piper or drummer in the Clan Macleay Pipe Band. We do not offer instruction to those in other bands or who are interested only in solo playing. Listed below are several questions about taking up the bagpipe:

Question: Is learning to play the bagpipe hard?

Answer: While it is a very physical instrument, it is, in some respects easier to learn than many instruments because of its limited number of notes (nine). However, while it may not be difficult to learn, it certainly can take a long time to master... particularly because pipe music incorporates many embellishments. Although this varies considerably from individual to individual, it typically takes the average person about a year to learn all of the basics and many more years to master the instrument. Like all instruments, it takes a lot of practice and patience to learn.

Question: What is required to start learning to play the bagpipe?

Answer: To get started, you will need a practice chanter, the College of Piping Tutor, Book 1, and an instructor. We can provide you information on obtaining the practice chanter and book.

Question: What if I want to learn to play the drums?


Answer: If instructors and time slots are available, we provide lessons on Side (Snare,) Tenor and Bass drumming. To get started, you will need a drum practice pad and a set of drum sticks or mallets.

For more information about instruction and joining our band, please contact our pipe major:

Tomas Peralta:

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