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Clan Macleay Pipe Band

History of the Clan Macleay Pipe Band


Formed circa 1912, the Clan Macleay Pipe Band is one of the oldest continually existing bagpipe bands in North America. Based in Portland, Oregon, the band is comprised of approximately twenty pipers and drummers from Oregon and Southern Washington states.

Although the band fields a competition corps for Highland games in the Northwest and elsewhere, it has been known best as a performance or show band. As such it performs at a number of parades and other events in the Northwest.

In addition to its music, part of its crowd appeal has been the band’s traditional look. The band adheres to many of the traditions common to the regimental bands of Scotland. This is often “military” (full dress and "summer") and one “civilian”.

In addition, and like certain Highland regiments (e.g., The Royal Scots or Scots Guards), it is one of the few bands that still wears two different tartans - Royal Stewart by the pipers and Hunting Stewart by the drummers.

Besides the Clan Macleay Pipe Band’s history and long-standing reputation, the band is known for its continued fostering of Scottish tradition in piping and drumming, through its own instruction program, through schools and other public service performances, and through its support of other pipe bands.

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